The How To’s This Spring For Makeup Storage

The How To’s This Spring For Makeup Storage

How many of us can use a spring cleaning in our beauty product drawers, shelves, and areas in our bathroom? Some of us apply makeup at a vanity that’s crying out for it’s own DIY remodel show, while others rummage through a drawer overflowing with over 100 absolute must-haves, or use-daily products. Good news, every one […]

6 makeup mistakes

6 makeup mistakes

Makeup as we age… is not about hiding behind multi layers of pastels, it’s about two things; defying gravity and redefining the features. Oddly enough… when we were young it was just the opposite. We packed on the thick foundation, applied way to much eye makeup and painted our youthful faces beyond recognition. It seems […]

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Daily Detox Relieves Stress & More Toxins

It’s a new year… and now, time for a new you. This time without all the environmental, food or chemical toxins hitting our bodies every minute of every day.  Quite frankly, sometimes it gets to be too much, leaving us feeling clogged, sluggish, and somewhat sickly. That’s why a Daily Detox is a necessity in […]

How to to Transition to Organic

How to to Transition to Organic Products

Here’s a fun fact… cosmetics are one of the least regulated consumer products on the market today.! Also, most of the ingredients found in these cosmetics have never been assessed for safety in the US?  Some more statistics from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics reveal, only about 13 percent of ingredients used in personal care […]

Beat a Breakout... At Every Stage!!!

Beat a Breakout… At Every Stage!!!

Everyone’s schedule is way too busy… especially now, during the holidays. We are all way too busy, so, when you try to pencil in time for a pimple take over of your face.. that is not high on the to-do list. But, there’s always time to take down the pimple. So, here are some things to […]

Green Tea.. Turmeric.. and more… Mean Healing!!

Drastic temperature changes and now the winter cooler temperatures coming in… everyone across the country is suffering. And the pain is coming through either  allergy symptoms, cold sniffles or flu pains. There are a few herbal compounds that help to reduce inflammation and enhance our body’s immune system. Just the medicine we need to fight […]

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Irritated… Acne.. Inflamed Skin.. Has A Cure!!!

Because our skin is the body’s largest organ.. it works overtime to keep toxins out of our body. It does so my eliminating those toxins as we perspire through every single pore on the body. And with everything… the system sometimes breaks down from overload and trouble can manifest itself in the form of pimples, […]